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Statement from Councilman DiCiccio on Failure of Leadership and Cancellation of Youth Tournaments

Contact: Stephanie Bracken      602.769.0717      December 2, 2020

“UTTER FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP: Mayor Gallego has spent months attacking the state over their COVID measures, but has not proposed even one single bold move of her own. Not one single bold move. Instead, she has repeatedly relied on knee-jerk reactions like we saw today regarding the parks. To be clear, Phoenix has no plan to protect the general public from COVID. No plan to protect our seniors from COVID. None.

If the mayor is so concerned about the COVID virus, she might want to spend a little more time developing a real public health plan for the entire general public and a little less time grandstanding and attacking others. I do not have to agree with the plan, but at least do something other than just talk about it.”

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